The idea was brought forward in 2004.

The aim was to promote some products and services in some of the neighboring countries mainly JORDAN, EGYPT and TURKEY.

We started our work with the number one Methyl Bromide alternative in the world now.

The product is a mixture of 1, 3 Dichloropropene + Chloropicrin called “AGROCELHONE”

Since Methyl Bromide was in its phasing out period all over the world, most of the countries were looking for alternatives.

SPICA moved forward in that direction with the support and help of AQL company in Spain.

AQL are the manufacturers and owners of “AGROCELHONE” which is considered today to be one of the best mixtures of 1,3D + Chloropicrin in the world

We faced and still are facing many difficulties in our area because of the registration procedures which are very complicated and difficult.

In addition to that, MeBr which was completely banned in Europe and the States in 2008, is still available in the market all over the Middle-East and North African countries.

Nevertheless, our work is progressing in a positive way, and we were able to increase the product range to cover some micronutrients and some Bio-stimulants as well.